PostHeaderIcon What's New Ed. 2011

Summer School "Francesco Turco" 2011 will be characterized by some innovative aspects:

- RESEARCH TEAMS' POSTER PRESENTATIONS: during Summer School, each research team will have the opportunity to share their research interests and activities with the rest of the group. This will be done through a poster presentation meant to share best practices, know how, current research, latest developments and to encourage sharing and collaboration. Each poster should draw viewers into each research team, depicting members of the team, labs, research interests and developments, courses, publication and every information you would like to share with the rest of the “ING-IND/17” group. Details about poster creation are coming soon.









- BEST PAPER & POSTER AWARDS: submitted papers and presented research team's poster will undergo a rigorous review process handled by the scientific program committee. The best paper will receive the “Francesco Turco Best Paper Award 2011” and the best poster will receive the “Francesco Turco Best Research Team's Poster Award 2011".

The best paper of the Summer School will be awarded by the international scientific program committee. Judging shall be on the bases of general quality, originality, pertinence to the Summer School theme, and timeliness.


- LOGISTIC GAME: during Summer School, participants will be involved in an innovative learning game about logistics and industrial plants design and management, developed by the UNIPD Research Team. The game, named after “logistic game” represents a production and logistic system, with the dynamic problems of a real system where, with finite resources, decisions have a relevant impact on performance. Thus, it creates a competition between different teams in terms of strategic decisions in logistic and production problems in a real production system. This learning game have received special considerations from both academic and industrial sectors.


- ROUND TABLE: during Summer School, partecipants will be involved in a round-table discussion with relevant managers where important and relevant industrial and research issues will be treated.

Untill now, the following managers have confirmed their partecipation:

  • Sergio FANDELLA
  • Federico TURCO (Generali Group) - Services
  • Giuseppe TABACCHI (Marcolin) - Italian Fashion Eyewear
  • Riccardo ROMANI (Calzedonia) - Hosiery and Beachwear
  • Claudio DE MAYDA (Volkswagen Group Italia) - Automotive
  • Nello UCCELLETTI (President of ANIMP)
  • Domenico NETTI (President of AILOG)