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Session 6: Waste/Energy and Industrial Services - 4.00 pm - Room F. Petrarca

Chairman: Lucio Zavanella (University of Brescia)

Co-Chairman: Mauro Gamberi (University of Padua)

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6.1 Data Envelopment Analysis in Energy Efficiency in SMEs - Bettoni L., Zanoni S. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

6.2 Multi-location approach to estimate solar energy radiation in the EU countries with a diffuse fraction correlation model - Bortolini M., Gamberi M., Graziani A., Manzini R., Regattieri A., Santarelli G. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

6.3 Solid Waste Management Design through GIS Integration of Demographic and Territorial Data - Compagno L., D’Urso D., Latora A. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

6.4 A push/pull logic to manage a WEEE recovery systems - Gallo M., Romano E., Santillo L.C. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

6.5 Efficiency, effectiveness and management in industrial selection plants for multimaterial separate collection of Municipal Solid Waste - Pellegrini M., Saccani C. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

6.6 Project management in the field of underground waste collection systems: design, production and installation of a customised item - Rimini B., Gamberini R., Grassi A., Galloni L., De Rosa A., Reggiani E. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

6.7 Proposal of a reference method for identifying Wastes in New Product Development Process - Rossi M., Kerga E. T., Taisch M., Terzi S. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

6.8 An analysis of the Energy Efficiency Barriers within the Italian SMEs Manufacturing Industry - Trianni A., Cagno E. - PAPER - PRESENTATION