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Session 3: Operations Management - 1.45 pm - Room F. Petrarca

Chairman: Sergio Cavalieri (University of Bergamo)

Co-Chairman: Anna Azzi (University of Padua)

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3.1 Safety management in port activities: a knowledge-based tool - Arborea A., Boenzi F., Mossa G. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

3.2 Issues in integrating MRP in production systems simulation tools - Battista C., Dello Stritto G., Iannone R., Schiraldi M.M. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

3.3 Analysis and comparison of two practical lean implementations on the assembly shop floor of a manufacturing industry: a case study - Bertolini M., Gapp A., Romagnoli G. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

3.4 Reliability data mining: proposal of a field data processing model - Bonfiglioli S, De Carlo F., Andriulli D.,Borgia O. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

3.5 Measuring and Improving Manufacturing plant performances: Development and Dissemination of a customized Model for the Italian Industrial Laundry Sector - Cesarotti V., Giuiusa A., Introna V. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

3.6 Multi criteria classification model for spare parts - Murino T., Naviglio G., Romano E. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

3.7 Decision support tools for measuring and controlling After-Sales service performance - Legnani E., Cavalieri S. - PAPER - PRESENTATION