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Session 2: Reliability and Maintenance Engineering - 1.45 pm - Room G. Galilei

Chairman: Alberto Regattieri (University of Bologna)

Co-Chairman: Fabio Sgarbossa (University of Padua)

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2.1 Spare Parts Management in durable consumer goods industry: a case study - Bacchetti A., Plebani F., Adrodegari F. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

2.2 Synergies between SMED and TPM for the creation of a new approach to setup reduction - Biagiotti S., Cesarotti V., Spada C. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

2.3 Benchmarking maintenance management in manufacturing firms: empirical evidence from Northern Italy - Chinese D., Fumagalli L.,Ierace S., Macchi M., Guarino M. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

2.4 Relationship between Logistics Performance and Maintenance in Storage Buildings - De Marco A., Mangano G. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

2.5 A risk management approach to Periodic Preventive Maintenance policy for a pharmaceutical production plant - De Minicis M., Tronci M. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

2.6 Maintenance Management tools within a Service Oriented Architecture: Proposal for practical implementation - Fumagalli L., Tavola G., Macchi M., Garetti M., Holgado Granados M., Checcozzo R., Rusinà F., Lionetto A., Abbate N. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

2.7 Industrial applicability of Electric Signature Analysis as a diagnostic tool for Condition Based Maintenance: a case study - Ierace S., Gaiardelli P., Fumagalli L. Dovere E.,  Macchi M. - PAPER - PRESENTATION