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Session 1: Facility Design, Warehousing and Safety - 1.45 pm - Room A. Palladio

Chairman: Liberatina Santillo (University of Naples)

Co-Chairman: Maurizio Faccio (University of Padua)

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1.1 Storage Location Assignment Problem: implementation in a warehouse design optimization tool - Battista C., Fumi A., Giordano F., Schiraldi M.M. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

1.2 A Fuzzy inference model for the layout design - Certa A.,  Enea M., Galante M. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

1.3 A Formalized Approach to Project Risk Management: Guidelines and Tools for Small and Medium Enterprises - Cesarotti V., Giuiusa A., Introna V., Spada C. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

1.4 Proposal of a new methodological approach based on Human Reliability Analysis for improvement safety in the workplace - De Felice F., Carlomusto A., Petrillo A. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

1.5 Material Flow Map and Layout Optimization: action plan and software validation - Falcone D., Silvestri A., Duraccio V., Di Bona G. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

1.6 An innovative approach for evaluating performances of pasta production system - Mossa G., Rubino S.,  Digiesi S. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

1.7 Optimal dwell point policies for new automated Storage/Retrieval systems - Regattieri A., Accorsi R., Bortolini M., Gamberi M., Manzini R., Pareschi A., Santarelli G. - PAPER - PRESENTATION

1.8 On the introduction of a restart policy in analytical models of manufacturing serial lines - Rimini B.,  Grassi A., Gamberini R., Gebennini E. - PAPER - PRESENTATION