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XVI Summer School "Francesco Turco"

Industrial Mechanical Plants - SSD ING-IND/17

Abano Terme (Padova, Italy) -  14-16 September 2011


Dear colleagues,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the XVI Summer School Francesco Turco, taking place in Abano Terme, 14-16 September 2011.

The Summer School traditionally aims to provide to participants specific knowledge on Industrial and Mechanical Plants Design topics, favoring interaction and cooperation between researchers coming from different universities and enhancing, at once, the sense of belonging to the SSD ING-IND/17 (Industrial and Mechanical Plants).

The Summer School has a "special theme" and a fresh look each edition.

The theme for the edition XVI is "Breaking down the barriers between research and industry”.

“Breaking down the barriers” means recognize the important role of the industrial plant designer in “building bridges” between theory and real world problems.

Research does not recognize academic boundaries - we can all learn a lot from industrial experiences.

The development of "good" researches in our field– that is they are both accurate and applicable – is strongly dependent on the effective collaboration between basic and applied industrial plant scientists.

The special aim of the XVI edition is to focus on the advances made in the interaction between our research outcomes and industrial applications and to stimulate discussion about new models of research that strongly encourage academy-industry collaboration in the new millennium.

The XVI edition of the Summer School will cover three full days and will include oral sessions, a completely new poster session – useful to show research projects of each university and facilitate the exchange of ideas, relevant invited speakers- they will hold lectures on key aspects about the special theme proposed, and finally a learning game.

We would like to thank our invited speakers and the Department of Management and Engineering for contributing to this programme and we look forward to see you in Abano Terme next September.

In the name of the organizing committee of the School, best wishes and “arrivederci” in Abano!

Alessandro Persona

Research in industrial plants and logistics is just like a marathon.

Both of them require movement, devotion, constancy, time and humility.

(New York ING-Marathon – 1st November 2009 – time 3h 51’38”)


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