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Session 7: Quality and RAMS management- 04,30 pm September 09th 2014

(Room Salotti)

Chairman: Prof. Mario Tucci



Evaluating the effects of Workforce agingin human-based production systems: a state of the art

V. A. Romano, G. Mossa, G. Mummolo, Boenzi

Cost optimization of preventive maintenance plan through reactive power analysis: An action research for high power electric engines

M. Savino,A. Mazza, V. della Selva

Extended model for SMED application through assessment of supporting tools

M.M. Savino, A. Mazza, V. della Selva

A Method for Selecting Appropriate Maintenance Strategies for Industrial Equipment Based on Risk Assessment

S. Turrin

ELECTRE TRI to classify items with respect to maintainability criterion

A. Certa, M. Enea