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Session 4: Sustainable Design  - 2.30 pm September 09th 2014

(Room Bianca)

Chairman: Prof. Stefano Saetta



The Role of Sustainability in Operations Management

D. Opresnik, M.Taisch

Improvement of new product development process in apparel SMEs using lean and life cycle

L. Rivera, D.I. Maldonado, M. Caro

Environmental Assessment of boilers for residential use: comparison between condensing and traditional technology using LCA methodology

M. Manfredi, G. Vignali, A. Volpi

Minimizing Carbon-footprint of Municipal Waste Integrated Management System

S Digiesi, G. Mossa, G. Mummolo, R.Verriello

A systematic framework for defining environmental performance metrics for industrial services

F. Tornese, M.Holgado, M.G. Gnoni, V. Elia, M. Macchi

Efficient Empowerment of Engineering Knowledge Transfer for a sustainable global economy

D.Plorin, E Müller