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Session 3 : Quality and RAMS management - 2.30 pm September 09th 2014

(Room Salotti)

Chairman: Prof. Cesare Saccani


A bi-objective optimisation model for work activity scheduling of workers exposed to ergonomic risk

L. Botti, R. Manzini, C. Mora, A. Regattieri

Chemical risk assessment in a textile serigraphy department based on MoVaRisCh method

V. Duraccio, D. Falcone, A. Silvestri, A. Forcina, G. Di Bona

Combining statistical analysis and ANN to extract and analyze features for machine diagnosis and prognosis

O. Borgia, N.Fanciullacci, F. De Carlo, M. Tucci

Effectiveness of maintenance approaches for High Reliability Organizations

S.Andriulo, M.A.Arleo, F. De Carlo, M.G. Gnoni, M. Tucci

Evaluation of ergonomic standards applied to the production process of doors: a case study

C. Macchione, G. Mirabelli, T. Pizzuti